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Please I donÔÇÖt understand this campaign please
Where exactly are my doing the testnet task? Platform link please


Very happy to participate this paragraf program


Developers Lounge:

An interactive thread where developers pitch ideas and collaborations.

ItÔÇÖs direct, and specific for people of common interest and skill.


  1. Pitch Deck
  2. Collaborations
  3. Assistance/Review etc

These will promote collaborations among developers, and can be used to incubate new ideas.

I feel it can be a stand alone category, or could be merged with the ÔÇťWhat you BIUDL on.ÔÇŁ


Good suggestion and really appreciate this input


Where do we test the test tokens given to us

ItÔÇÖs always my pleasureÔÇŽ :star_struck:

A bounty section should definitely be opened for the creators wing.

looks like this project is amazing

Lets begins Sir , i cant waiting so im veryvery the spirit

when stars campaign, iÔÇÖm canÔÇÖt wait for testing on campaign

Geli┼čtiriciler Salonu:

Geli┼čtiricilerin fikir ve i┼čbirlikleri sundu─ču etkile┼čimli bir ileti dizisi.

Do─črudand─▒r ve ortak ilgi alanlar─▒na ve becerilere sahip ki┼čiler i├žin ├Âzeldir.


  1. Saha G├╝verte
  2. i┼čbirlikleri
  3. Yard─▒m/─░nceleme vb.

Bunlar, geli┼čtiriciler aras─▒ndaki i┼čbirliklerini te┼čvik edecek ve yeni fikirlerin kulu├žkalanmas─▒ i├žin kullan─▒labilir.

Tek ba┼č─▒na bir kategori olabilece─čini ya da ÔÇťBUDL ├╝zerinde oldu─čunuz ┼čeyÔÇŁ ile birle┼čtirilebilece─čini d├╝┼č├╝n├╝yorummmm