Bounty #5 Announcement

We regret to inform you that Bounty #5 failed to reach the target of followers for this bounty program as stated in TASKS A, B, and C. We are very strict about monitoring each program we conducted. But we will allocate 50 USDC worth of HPTS to the 25 most active users promoting Hepton on social media. Distribution to 25 users will be conducted tonight in the Singapore timezone.

Other than that, we already published an open-source sheet of a list of early users that can claim HPTS to USDC on the mainnet once we have launched.

SHEET: HPTS Claim - Google Sheets

Please bear in mind, this sheet’s results are not fixed and will be changed from time to time based on your contribution.

Thank you,
Hepton Labs.


Thank you Verry much sir. Love you

Thank you so much for this opportunity.:blue_heart::seedling::clinking_glasses:

Been following Hepton for months and I still believe in Hepton.:blue_heart::blue_heart::seedling::clinking_glasses::innocent:

very unfair to me and other users, even though I’ve been following Hepton for more than 3 months. But from bounty #1 to #5 always getting thwarted whether intentionally or unintentionally, I who have stayed with your community have not gotten anything. It’s a shame that for this, you place too much importance on the community over your own Ecosystem and Utilities.


Be good to people,you are good that’s why am still praying for your growth

Yeah, thanks for information…
Actually, developer has been patient for everything not user. :grin:

Good morning hepton community

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