Bounty Program 6: Your Suggestion



Fill in this form: **[PHEMEX SUGGESTION FORM]Listing suggestions

and follow the guidelines below :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

1. First, you have to register an account on Phemex Exchange by using the link below:

2. After that, please find your UID by following the instructions in the picture below. You may find your user ID (UID) by clicking on the profile button as shown in Image 1 and copy the UID as shown in Image 2.

Image 1 Image 2

3. Next, please visit to Listing Application - Phemex and scroll down until you find the “Listing Suggestions” button as shown below:

Desktop view

Phone view

4. Scroll down until you found the “form” button as shown below, or you might simply click on this link Listing suggestions

Desktop view

Phone View

How to fill in the form:-

Fill in your UID that you get from Step 2 above.

Asset’s full name : Hepton

Asset’s ticker symbol : HTE

Please tick “No”

Please state the reason as you wish but make it simple and precise. We suggest you to put;

“I am one of the communities and supporters of Hepton and I want Hepton (HTE) to be listed on Phemex Exchange because I want to participate in its public sale (IEO/IDO)”.

Follow Hepton and our Co-Founder on Twitter.

Hepton Twitter: @HeptonL2
Hepton Co-Founder: Co-Founder

REWARDS :red_gift_envelope: :red_gift_envelope: :red_gift_envelope::

  • Hepton Points worth 200 USDC to the 50 earliest participants who filled this form
  • Hepton Points worth 50 USDC to the 500 earliest participants who filled this form
  • Hepton Points worth 10 USDC to the 1000 random participants who filled out this form


  1. Don’t SPAM tweet with words like ‘DONE’ and ‘FINISH TASK’ or you’ll be blacklisted from claim HPTS to USDC.

  2. Retweet any tweet and tag 3 friends

  3. Don’t try to cheat, as we will check every single UID registered to Phemex on our form


Thank you for this bounty programme

Hepton provides solutions to scale Ethereum through its Sidechain infrastructure and ZK-Rollup :rocket:

Again… sooo, let’s do it guys…

always support and keep watch over big projects in the future and become an ecosystem for the long term and compete with other competitors, success for developers

cool very nice :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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this rewards program will increase the recognition of hepton

This is amazing progress :fire:

Hepton is building. We await this revolution. Hepton is the next big thing, we believe. :blue_heart::innocent:

Bounty #6 FINISHED

Winner List: Click Here

Whitelisted participants will be able to claim it to USDC once mainnet launched!


ödül alanlar ne zaman belli olacak?

Big time amazing project with great potentials

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Wow thank you very much sir :heart_eyes:

Amazing,I can’t wait to wait


This awesome projects

website is too slow, many pending transaction and the ui/ux isn’t responsive, sometimes i got bug like can’t click button or my balance is not showing.
I think we should improve the UI/UX in term of the smooth transaction, cuz sometimes I finish the transaction but the UI hasn’t updated. So I think we should need an update for UI/UX.