Bounty Program - Community Engagement Incentives

The success of Aptos Airdrop for Early Adopters made certain of their early adopters manage to claim their 150 APT worth 7800USD on Binance. This gives us the testimony to know more about our early adopters and loyal followers! Are you one of us to share the same opportunity?

As we can see through the success of APTOS Airdrop to almost 120,000 participants. We have set up our target to onboard more early adopters up to 200,000 participants


Follow our Twitter: @HeptonL2
Target: additional 30k followers

Follow our Co-Founder on Twitter: Co-Founder
Target: additional 20k followers

Follow our Airdrop Distributor: Airdrop Distributor


Join Our Discord: Hepton Discord

Join Our Telegram: Hepton Telegram

Attend our Twitter Space and Set Reminder:


  1. Claim a Faucet Token on Hepton Faucet or REQUEST FROM A FRIEND if the faucet activates the redemption limit.

  2. Made any transaction on Hepton Testnet

  • Swap Transaction on Qudot
  • Made any sending transactions
  • Create a token contract (Suggested)


  1. Don’t SPAM tweet with words like ‘DONE’ and ‘FINISH TASK’ or you’ll be blacklisted from claim HPTS to USDC.

  2. Retweet any tweet and tag 3 friends


  • Hepton Points worth 200 USDC to the 50 earliest participants who filled this form
  • Hepton Points worth 50 USDC to the 1000 earliest participants who filled this form
  • Hepton Points worth 10 USDC to the 2000 random participants who filled out this form

Note: HPTS is able to be claimed to USDC (Hepton-Mainnet). The redemption will be phase by phase based on a whitelisted basis. Users need to stay active even after this program has ended.


no problem all normal swap success, but busd not any liquidity

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your project is very good, the whitepaper is also very clear, I hope your project can be successful and successful in the future, I also hope the community can grow even bigger than now.

All transactions no pending and no fail, awasome

nice opportinuty to be early user

Hepton ist so cool #WAGMI

Im still waiting. For the great project and go to the moon…

We done all test level and I hope we will success together with.
Thank you.

#LFG #WAGMI #HeptonL2

Happy to be part of this community LFG

Faucet not working guys. Anyone send some test tokens?

Good UIX its Verry Fast ; 0x7C9D4CfD530BE4ae1DA52d77D0470da85D738E2d

I did all the tasks, I hope we will be very successful together

Great platform of hepton !! Success

It’s nice to being part of the community!

hepton the best project, im still try any fitur on qudot

Dapp Work Smoothly and Simple

what if we missed the twitter space ? will it make us un eligible ?

Done all task… easy and smooth

just refresh your web because web still loading