Hepton Point (HPTS) Liquidity Reserved

8th November 2022 (Tue) - Hepton Labs

Topic: Hepton Point (HPTS) Liquidity Reserved

Today, we would like to talk about Hepton Points (HPTS). It triggers our attention when we saw much communities still did not understand Hepton Points especially when it comes to its redemption period.

Hepton Point referred to as HPTS is an Airdrop token deployed on Hepton Testnet. The utility of HPTS is to reward loyal supporters and early participants of Hepton. Read here to get more info about the basic information of HPTS.

How do we get liquidity backup for HPTS?

We believe Airdrop is one of the marketing tools favored by a majority of the crypto-community but in fact, Airdrop also has the risk that could make a token over-circulated if it is not managed carefully. In this case, we built HPTS as the loyalty points that can be redeemed to USDC or HTE directly.

Based on the diagram shown above, it visualizes how we create a marketing campaign through Marketing Allocation reserved as stated in our tokenomics. We take 5% from marketing reserved for Airdrop/Bounty purposes while another portion from one of our revenue streams which is the Validators Fee in giving liquidity to HPTS. In this case, we managed to control the token inflation rate from distracting the existing plan of token vesting since marketing reserved has been included inside the vesting schedule so there is no additional token circulate other than the validators fee and token vesting.

Redemption Process

  1. HPTS will be dispersed for loyal supporters and early participants for Hepton and the program conducted by Hepton.

  2. The HPTS will once again need to pass another stage to be whitelisted in HPTS - USDC redemption. HPTS participants can access this SHEET to monitor the list of holders that will be given priority to claim HPTS to USDC. As of today (8th November 2022), there are already 15 loyal supporters able to claim HPTS to USDC during Mainnet. But, this SHEET is not fixed and will be changed from time to time.

  3. The redemption will be conducted every month starting from 4 weeks after the Mainnet Launch (Hepton PoS).

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This is i have 220.000 hpts how to reedem

how to claim HPTS to USDC, I have HPTS testnet

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