HTE will be initially launch on Arbitrum One

Hepton Labs
30th March 2023 - Thursday 12:00 UTC

Today, Hepton Labs would like to inform significant changes in the launching plan of Hepton to partners and the community.

We believe almost everyone has been notified that Hepton’s early stage will end, followed by our HTE Token Generation Event (TGE) on 15th April 2023 (Optimism).

Since the launch of Arbitrum Orbit by Arbitrum Foundation, we have sent our team from Research Department to do some minor research on that stack protocol. The research team summarizes that Arbitrum Orbit was compatible with our vision of building a Layer-3 network (Arbitrum Orbit — Launch new chains in the Arbitrum ecosystem).

Therefore, our team decided to launch the HTE on Arbitrum One instead of our previous plan where HTE will be initially launched on Optimism. At the same time, the other development of the project under Hepton remains unchanged.


  • HTE - Initially launch in Arbitrum and comes with a Two-Way pegged model with Hepton PoS

  • Hepton PoS - A PoS sidechain to Ethereum

  • Hepton ZK-Standra - A ZK-Based Layer3 powered by the Arbitrum Nitro Core.

Our team also have submitted a proposal to get deeper access to Arbitrum Orbit (Nitro Core).

Kay Hakimie,
Co-Founder of Hepton Labs
[email protected]


Strongest project… Ever seen


its a Great project … lets Go


That is nice ; I can’t wait to see this project in the moon


This will be the amazing startup project to have the highest MC on #Arbitrum One. This is going to be great opportunity people!!

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Exciting as well as good news

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