Important Updates: Twitter Bounty Program


We would like to inform you that the Twitter Bounty Program will be canceled due to the following reasons:

  1. The form was filled by bots.

We regret the decision not to require email on the form in order to make only real users able to claim the bounty.

Due to the issue arising, we would like to inform you what will be our next step to compensate for this cancellation.

  1. We would like to proceed on disbursing Bounty to Qudotswap Bounty Program
  2. We will organize another Twitter Bounty Program with fair rules for everyone.

We decided to cancel this Twitter Bounty Program after 8/10 DAO members decided on that after thinking it wasn’t fair for everyone. We believe in the struggle of real community on promoting Hepton. That’s why we believe they deserve to be in a fair program.



im keep support sir, keep spirit guys

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Whatever helps the community and project to attain it’s highest quality…we support

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Very wise decision sir

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I like quality, that is hepton.

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Hello ser Why haven’t I got any points yet? if something goes wrong i’m sorry

My address

Testnet complete.
had to wait a while before making an exchange because the swap and add liquidity section didn’t respond quickly, and another small problem I couldn’t remove the liquidity of the HTE/usdc pair. The other features worked flawlessly and I had a bit of fun testing. Thank you for the opportunity

Keep supporting it! Waiting to get heptos points, idk why I haven’t gotten them yet…

Good project sirI will support until success

Great decision sir…we support you

Hepton to the moon, lfgggg :innocent::blue_heart::rocket:

Keep spirit guys, #WAGMI


wen another bounty ?

Wen moon :full_moon_with_face::heart::clinking_glasses: lfgggg :innocent::blue_heart: