Introducing Hepton Point

Introducing Hepton Point, a rewarding token for Hepton Testnet contributors!

Hepton Point (HPTS) is an ERC20-based token on the Hepton Point (HPTS) - Testnet - BlockScout

It only exists on Hepton Testnet but it can be redeemed to HTE with a 1:00025 ratio and USDT with a 1:00025 ratio. For example:

1/ If user A has a 10,000,000 HPTS reward for contributing on Hepton Testnet;

2/ User A able to redeem 2500 HTE on Hepton Mainnet.

The receiving of HPTS will be conducted manually by Hepton DAO members based on an informative report received from users in any of the testnet programs such as Bug Bounty. The redemption of the token also will be conducted on a weekly basis after Hepton PoS has been fully launched.

The only valid HPTS for redemption is HPTS that was deployed on this smart contract:

Token with the same name and ticker but has a different contract address is not valid for HTE redemption.


  1. Is HPTS a tradeable asset?
  • No. HPTS only exists on testnet and has no market value but it will be pegged to HTE with 1:00025 HTE
  1. Can we redeem the token in bulk?
  • Yes. But there is only a 2000 HTE quota for weekly redemption. Be fast and always be alert on Hepton Forum
  1. How to get the HPTS token?
  • It’s pretty simple, users just need to follow rules or guidelines in any of our Testnet programs.
  1. Are we only able to redeem HPTS to HTE?
  • No. You are also able to redeem it to USDT-Pegged based on Hepton Network with a 1:0025 ratio

If you have any questions, just submit them to our Hepton Telegram or our FORUM

  1. When we will be able to redeem the HPTS to USDT or HTE?
  • HPTS receivers are able to claim the HPTS to HTE or USDT after the mainnet (Hepton PoS) is launched. Please be informed that Mainnet launch isn’t the same as Token (HTE) launch on Ethereum2.

LFG :fire::rocket: We Are waiting :handshake: for testing :nerd_face:


last bug bounty winner will win HPTs ?


No. They will receive USDC.


I am sure that the Hepton project will serve cryptocurrencies in the near future, so I am lucky to have become a part of the Hepton project :heart:


I’m waiting for the surprise of this big project


Success always to the team


Hi folks! When start testnet?

oomg. I am very impressed, and happy to be able to join to support this project

This is amazing can’t wait

When hepton points event will start??

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Please check my wallet @dev why i dont recieved the HPTS?
I do all task
here my wallet : 0x84A25c881DB2476F751B6Ece35114E96Da7dC59D

Let’s go
Keep sporting project guys
Big hug awesome project

It’s a bit confusing what exactly we should do about the form.

Wow that’s a very good news

glad to be a part of this project

thanks guys we are workıng on ıt

I have hepton poin but how to reeden

I join in discord twitter how to vote and how long to kyc?