Join our Discord and earn Hepton Point!

Join our Discord! 1000 early members will receive 100 USDT worth of HPTS!


  1. Join our Discord - Hepton L2

  2. Verify your Identity on our Discord Server.

  3. Paste your address on Hepton Form in our Discord Server


What is Hepton Point (HPTS)?

Click Here: Introducing Hepton Point

How to set up Metamask Account for Hepton Testnet?

Click Here: How to setup Metamask Account on Hepton-Testnet


Cant akses,
Dc slow, please fix chaanell

thanks a lot sir we did it.

wow very great project and we have engagement with big community

I clicked verify icon but I didn’t get access to the servers.

Hello, discord bot DIE and not responded plz fix it, im join early but not acc

seem me too late…already 1500 members :sweat_smile:

Discord down ,I did repeated verification still. Good luck this time
Discord username : maulana#2810

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Still waiting for ur reward :heart::heart::heart:

If I get kicked out of it all. How do I see updates from Hepton while I am following this project from 3 weeks ago, my first phase is also following. If issued, how do I see the progress of this project. Moderator hepton is unprofessional whether he hates me when I’m not doing anything. Hahahaha weird

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Thank you for joining Hepton Discord

We have distributed HPTS to 50 early members with a total claimable value of up to 100 USDT for each receiver! Only 950 users left are able to get the HPTS!

Please follow this guideline here to set up your HTE Address and add HPTS token contract to your wallet!


Thank you for your project. Actually, i have new experience in your project. I can deploy smart contract for the first time… This is my best experience…

Okay i’m in.

Wow amazing we are supporting your project because we interesting with discuse forum

Healer J#4184

Please check, already fill the form

thank team
my DC: nguyenmy05#8918