Launchpad UX Suggestion

Hi, I suggest to show my wallet BUSD balance on LaunchPad deposit screen.

Hi, there will BUSD reflected on there if you have BUSD balance.

Sorry, I have not explained my self very well. I mean, to show my BUSD balance on my wallet.

Right now I have 25 BUSD but there’s no way to know how much do I have on my wallet. Only when I click on MAX, textbox is filled with 25. But that information is not showed before.

That platform is from a third party project, we’ll update it to their respective team.


Nice No any bug or eror while I do a test
UX/UI simple and easy to understand
quick transaction call and executed
I things the launchpad website must adding a Dark and Light mode !
My address : 0x84A25c881DB2476F751B6Ece35114E96Da7dC59D

I have not more BUSD to try it again, but I think after I clicked Deposit, information under “My suscription amount” was not updated and I had to refresh the page to see it.

Pls where can I find the launchpad link