Public IDO and Airdrop for HTE Community


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Kommunitas - Launchpad for Startup

Airdrop Explanations

For a summary of this Airdrop, you can read on this Twitter Thread, but if you skipped these explanations, you will miss more important information and no support service will entertain your question. So, we suggest to read it until the end.

#1 Testnet Airdrop (The Biggest Airdrop)

Method of Contribution:

  1. You need to have an active address on our Hepton Testnet

  2. Claim Auto Faucet or Manual Faucet

  3. Ensure your address is always active because Hepton Labs will conduct a stealth snapshot.

  4. Contribution will be proven based on Hepton Points Holding.


  1. Airdrop in $HTE or USDT for Eligible Addresses.
  2. The Distribution only on Mainnet during our Mainnet Launch

#2 First-Half Airdrop

Method of Contribution

  1. Users must be active to spread the news about Hepton on Social Media.

  2. User has to follow all tasks given here:

  1. Contribution will be proven based on OAT and XP holding amount.


  1. Airdrop in $HTE for Eligible Addresses based on OAT and XP Ranking.

  2. The Distribution will be on Arbitrum during 1-5 Days of Post TGE events and will be continued on our Hepton PoS mainnet


  1. Address should have at least 0.5 HTE on Hepton Electra-404 Testnet

  2. Address should have OAT and XP from Social Engagement

#3 Third-Party Airdrop

Method of Contribution
This is an Airdrop solely run by a Third-Party platform i.e Launchpad or CEX


  1. Airdrop distribution will be based on criteria set up by the third-party platform.

great explanation, following each tasks

sounds like a plan, thanks for this full information :star_struck:

I tried to fulfill every task. Because I have trusted hepton for a long time. Even if I do not take advantage of the airdrop, hepton will always exist

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Nice one. Keep building because the moon is our starting point.

thank u for this clear information