Strategic Partnership

11th Dec 2022 (Sunday) - Hepton Forum

Strategic Partnership between Hepton Labs and Kenzo Ventures

Hepton Labs has signed an agreement with Kenzo Ventures for a Strategic Partnership between the two parties. In this partnership, both parties agree to disclose the vision of the partnership. Hepton Labs is an entity behind the Hepton Layer-2 project while Kenzo is a registered entity in Indonesia for venturing projects as well as a Key Opinion Leader for multiple Web3 projects.

As a registered entity in a G20 Country (Indonesia), Kenzo Ventures believes this partnership will create a more positive impact on the awareness of Web3 as per the agreement between Hepton Labs and Kenzo is to bring more adoptions and awareness of the Indonesian Community about the revolution of Web3.


Very happy for this collaboration, good luck

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good luck hepton :heart: :heart: :heart:

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this is great news i am very happy :smiley:

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good partnership! Going great team

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