Successful deploying smart contract and create token

Finally, i manage to create my first token, this is my first experience, if anyone want to get my test token just paste your address to comment
My token contract is:

I didnt find any bug, maybe i just can give feedback to the forum, please make it more simply ui for mobile version, thats all, thanks


Is there anything else to do aside getting token from faucet

You can create your own token for testing the blockchain

Sounds Great! But don’t spam in site feedback.

only those who managed to find the bug can get a reaward sir? or is there also a reward allocation for network testers?

managed to create tokens and also transferred the tokens that I had created to several wallets, in this test I experienced several failures, especially in the smart contract call section.

I have tested Hepton 10 days ago but I haven’t provided any feedback on this forum because my laptop broke a few days ago, and just finished repairing, but I have filled out the form before,

these are the details of the coins i managed to make,

The address I used for testnet: 0x917D43Db7e44d6Be0CB26a29DF14F92fd6944561

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We monitor through a useful feedbacks


all feature is okay no found bug until try all and the transaction is fast no delay
my address: 0x637356AE5d6ee5Ff71951aFef611826F4eEA843B

The whole UI is very intuitive and looks so good. A dark version would be cool! Most websites offer a darkmode and i love it, it rests the eyes. The explorer is fine too, no problems. Overall it makes a solid appearance, very good job.