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Important Announcement

We have started the development of Hepton since Q1(2022) and it’s time for us to decide to end our Early Stage Period. During our Early Stage period, there were a lot of things that our team and DAO members accomplished to make Hepton move forward to the next level.

We have done two incubation programs that make Hepton possible to get AWS Grant from Amazon amounted to 20,000 USD worth of AWS credits, thanks to IceTea Labs and MDEC. On the other hand, we are spending almost 25% of our time; pushing for community awareness and exposure. Hepton Labs was so glad to have a community which is very supportive during this stage.

Our team would like to express gratitude to those who invested in Hepton for its Strategic Round amounted to 3.5M USD in Equity and 500,000 USD with 150,000 USD in subscription for HTE. This truly made us possible to make Hepton reach the stage where we are standing right now.

Furthermore, our team is going to this Early Stage and proceeding to Market Stage starting from 15th APRIL 2023 alongside with Token Generation Event. We are so excited to announce this!

HTE Utilies and Economic Model

HTE is a native token of Hepton PoS and a DAO Governance token for Hepton ZK-Standra. The total issuance of Hepton is fixed at 3,000,000,000 HTE with 44.02% will be initially launched on Optimism Network for the following purposes:

  • Strategic Round (1.12%) -
    10% TGE, 1 Month CLIFF, 36 Months Vesting

  • Series A (6.5%) -
    LOCK until Market Stage Round

  • Series B (5.0%) -
    LOCK until Growth Stage Round

  • Public Sale (3.61%) -
    25% TGE, 0 CLIFF, 36 Months Vesting

  • Marketing + Airdrops & Partnership (0.8%) -
    10% TGE, 0 CLIFF, 24 Months Vesting

  • Initial Liquidity (8.0%) -
    10% TGE, 0 CLIFF, 48 Months Vesting

  • Team (10%) -
    0% TGE, 3 Months CLIFF, 36 Months Vesting

  • Advisors (4%) -
    0% TGE, 11 Months CLIFF, 47 Months Vesting

  • Treasury (5.0%) -

  • Staking Rewards (55.97%) -
    Optimism (Bridge Liquidity for PoS Disperse) - Hepton PoS (Proof-Of-Stake Disperse)

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great projecr in layer 2 of eth


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Awesomeness :sunglasses: i like this project

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Good Project! I want to join!

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top investement project for 2023 in layer 2

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it will be a great project ahead… waiting for mainnet yupieeeeeeeee

Great explanation of tokenomics and stuff

nice project and good

Of course, there will be news to be listed on the biggest stock exchanges. I have been with hepton for a very long time. I have full faith

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can’t wait for this, don’t miss it mate

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